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Which is the best shopping mall in Sihanoukville Market?

Sihanoukville is said now to be a great shopping, traveling for sea sides and Casino for gambler very favorite is very true that most of the people from all over the country of Cambodia usually like to visit Sihanoukville to cherish its sea sides beauty and also like to enjoy the amazing development of sea side and shopping nightlife. In Fact, you will find, there are many nice places and nice shopping mall like Furi Times Square Shopping Mall in Shihanoukville that everybody should visit one times, not to miss to explore its beauty and shops at this modern Shopping mall. You will find their different types of items like commencing from food to apparels. If you like. You can spend some nice time at this Market. I think it would be really very good experience for you in Sihanoukville Market.

Furi Times Square Mall in Sihanoukville

You know that it is perfect time for you to forget about Traditional market  because you know it’s the time of globalization 20thCentury so it’s high time for Sihanoukville people to well come the first and foremost beautiful modern Shopping mall Furi Times Square Shopping mall. As I know you had very bad experience with some of traditional market in Sihanoukville. Like phsar prinichicom, a very small market. There, you will find mostly local needed low quality products. There is another oldest tradition style market is Phsar Leu. It is a dimly lit, roofed area of booths and stalls vending everything like meat, vegetable, clothings, auto parts, jewelry and so on. You know it is very difficult to go there and buy somethings.

Sihanoukville is now great place for shopping. Now you will find somethings like real shopping scenes these days because of Furi times Square market.You will find different types of shops likes clothing, crafts,music.

Sihanoukville Market That Will Make You Think About Furi Times Square Mall.

If you are looking for the best shopping mall in sihanoukville then I should inform you some beautiful shopping mall in sihanoukville. Before going to inform your which is the best shopping mall in sihanoukville you better to know about the quality of best shopping mall and its facilities. What types of advantages and quality can make the best shopping Mall.

You know sihanouvlille is the most popular place in Cambodia because of its recent development of shopping facilities and very eassy communication from capital city of Cambodia Phnom Penh. You can come to sihanoukville directly from Phnom Penh. Let’s come to the point about the best shopping mall and about it facilities. As I know about many shopping mall in Sihanoukville market so from my point of view Furi Times Shopping Mall is the best shopping mall in Sihanoukville market because it has many good facilities than other so call traditional shopping center.

Facilities available in Furi times Square Shopping Mall include:

  1. 190-kilometre long and 25-metre wide expressway on National Road 4 linking from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville
  2. Furi Times Square Mall’s location at the center of the city Sihanoukville.
  3. The Mall is nearly modest size. Standing exclusively four stories high on 1 hectare of land. it’s to be made inside the center of Sihanoukville.
  4. A five-minute walk around the peaceful and attractive Sokha Beach
  5. Bench height adjustable,adult sized , wall mounted
  6. Hoist ceiling, loop
  7. Wash/dry toilet
  8. Non slip floor
  9. Emergency Alarm
  10. Privacy Screen
  11. Paper Roll
  12. Changing places Facility
  13. Opening hours 8am to 22 pm

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