Best Shopping Mall in Sihanoukville

It’s high time for Sihanoukville’s people to welcome the best Shopping Mall in Sihanoukville “Furi Times Square Mall”. The development of Furi Times Square Mall near the Independence Monument. Park in Village #1, Songkat 3, Khan Mitapheap, Preh Sihanouk. Sihanouvkille. it is predicted to be opened by the end of 2019.

Now, The Furi Times Square Mall has advantages of coming from all directions. Because of forthcoming 190-kilometre long and 25-metre wide expressway on National Road 4 linking from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville . It’s great news. You better to know,  that Furi Times Square Mall’s location at the center of the city Sihanoukville.

Furi times square mall is the first shopping mall in sihanoukville

Expressway on National Road 4 linking from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

Why Furi Times Square Mall is the Best Shopping Mall in Sihanoukville.

Furi Times Square Mall area values of almost US$10 million. Project by the Furi Corporation . Furthermore,The shopping center must cover a total grounds 12,000 sq. meters of that 40% are for public territory. Also, This four-story shopping center can have renting zone of up to 6,000 sq. meters. Involving in style international brands like Levis, Samsonite moreover as a Legend Cinema. Likewise,The development of the shopping center is in accordance with the rapidly expanding improvement in Sihanoukville and worldwide tourists. Especially Chinese travelers keeps in rising. According to the Ministry of business, Sihanoukville can get a couple of million worldwide tourists. And in regards to three million national tourists by 2030. For your kind information ,90% of the leasing area has already been occupied.

Furi Times Square

Furi Times Square Mall is the first shopping mall in Sihanoukville

The rising numbers of tourists visiting in  Sihanoukville imply that there’s no opportunity to waste our times. Sihanoukville’s wonderful Shopping mall is predicted to be finished by the end of 2019. At a venture cost of US$10M. it’s intended to be environmentally benevolent and can be pointed toward Chinese clients.

– Furi Times Square Mall is a joint venture between the Cambodian organization Furi Corporation and organization from Macau.

– The Mall is nearly modest size. Standing exclusively four stories high on 1 hectare of land. it’s to be made inside the center of Sihanoukville.

– The targeted market is tourists from China. And consequently the Mall will expand food stores, garments shops, theaters and restaurants. List of Brand with Furi Times Square Mall


The Mall, including an immense 12,000 sq. meters of retail region, is located near Sokha Beach. The Mall is mixed use improvement that incorporates store and different modern units suitable for workplace. The store is gorgeous progressed to finish entertainment and looking through needs.Expected the nation’s certain worth development of seven percent every year. Cambodia’s economy stays vibrant and appealing to every local and remote financial specialist. The shopping center can give retail territory for making for visitors and local people.” Said MR.ANDREW J.AHN,Chief Investment Officer. Partner Furi Corporation. He thinks that the shopping center will not only exclusively be in style for customers. but also conjointly give the opportunity with an additional income stream for Cambodian People.

Furi Times Square mall

Opportunity with an additional income stream for Cambodian People

Near To Sokha Beach

Furi Times Square Mall is exclusively a five-minute walk around the peaceful and attractive Sokha Beach. One among Sihanoukville’s few sandy white beaches of precious stone blue waters. The development will raise the city’s image to one of luxurious live ability. Compared to other seaside holiday destinations.

As a result,People realize that Sihanoukville is a wonderful place to invest. And attract home buyers who are looking to live and work in a comfortable and classy environment. As the city’s economy grows from day to day.

Have a Look at the List of Brand Associated with Furi Times Square Mall